UK Covid-19

Use of Parcel Builder
JS Error Handling
CSS Grid
Image Editing

The Brief

When the UK Covid statistics site was first launched, it was full of information and searching for an overview was not straightforward. This site would tabulate the countries overall weekly figures and show you key statistics such as max, min and a seven day rolling average. As the national site improved to a fully operational API, I had to update my site to use axios to collect the data.

The Build

While the site would have a basic look due to only reporting a few statistics, I wanted to move away from a standard header and main section. I spent time learning how to adapt image files to create seamless backgrounds. After a few variations I created a good balance so that the background would have a random feel.

On top of using the API to collate the data I wanted. I added a check to tell me whether the site had been updated that day so I would know if I had up to date figures.

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